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How It Works


          1.  Search our site for your perfect apartment, or Contact Us with your search criteria and we will provide you with current move-in specials and a list of apartment complexes meeting your criteria.
          2. Next go and visit the apartment complexes you like. Once you choose your apartment, on the lease application you will write“Uptown Apartment Rebates”  as your locator or rental agency. Please make sure to do this on all guest cards or “How did you hear about us?” sections you are asked to fill out when visiting complexes. This is critical to getting your rebate, so don’t forget! See sample image of rent application excerpt below.  If the apartment complex requires an individual locator or agent name, please list “Lewis McKnight.”


Rent Application Screen Shot


            1. Remember, you will get all of the apartment’s move-in specials, PLUS our check for $300 or $500. The apartment complex will not increase your rent for listing Uptown Apartment Rebates as your referral.
            2. The final step is to come back to and Claim Your Rebate.  You will not get your rebate unless you do this. Click Hereto go to the Claim Your Rebate page.  After the rebate has been claimed Uptown Apartment Rebates will mail you your $300 or $500 dollar check approximately 60 days after your move in date. This check will be mailed to your new apartment. To see more details or for answers to frequently asked questions please click here for our FAQ Page or Contact Us.


Search/Contact us. Choose your apartment   Claim your Rebate. Get Paid! It’s that easy.

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