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Who We Are?

Uptown Apartment Rebates. Giving away money to one person at a time.


Uptown Apartment Rebates is an apartment locating firm located in the Uptown area of Dallas Tx.   What separates them from the rest of the apartment locators in the area, is the fact that they give their clients 3oo or 500 dollars of their commission back as a rebate. Yes, that is right. If you use our serves here at uptown apartments rebates you will get extra money to do what you want to with, For example pay for your movers, buy furniture, or just help with the normal everyday expenses.


  • Why should an apartment locator get paid their whole fee-especially when you might never even meet him.
  • You go and look at the apartments. You’ve already done your research online. Why should they get paid the full amount
  • Don’t take the $50, $100, or $200 some are giving you! We’re paying you a minimum of $300