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Uptown Apartment Rebates

Uptown Dallas Apartment Locators

Uptown apartment Rebates is an apartment locating firm located in the Uptown area of Dallas that gives 300 to 500 dollars of it commission back as a rebate. It was started to help prospective tenants find their next apartment.  Uptown apartment rebates provides an extensive search of all the apartment complexes in the uptown area. Click the search link above to search for your next apartment complex. Also click the 500 dollar or 300 dollar rebate to see which properties we are offering rebates on.
 Uptown apartment Rebates is no different  than any other other locator in the area. It is just that we focus on giving you back some of our commission as a rebate
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Why do we give back our commission. We do this because we do not show you the apartments directly. Each apartment complex will have its own staff at the complex. That will know the complex in and out, and will show you the current units available.  So sense we don’t show you we give you some of our commission back.
So what do we do. We provide you with the current special, a searchable database of apartments, and the current rents for each apartment you request.  If you would like we will tailor an email of apartments that fit  exactly what you are looking for. But for the part we make sure you have a smooth process and get the best place for what you needs are. We also give you  $300 or $500 dollars of commission back as a rebate, when you put our name down as your apartment referral.

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